Help for lost, abandoned or unwanted ferrets and the people who have them

We are a "not for profit" group of volunteers who offer a free source of help for lost, abandoned or unwanted ferrets and the people who own, or are caring for them. We have the knowledge, resources and experience to ensure that any ferret in need receives care and affection, along with any medical treatment that may be required. If, for some reason a ferret needs to be removed from their current situation, we are able to offer short term foster care, within experienced homes, before they are placed in a recognised ferret rescue or welfare. In many cases we can assist with transport, collecting them from you. We have a network of volunteers across the UK.

Have you lost or found a ferret?

If you have found a ferret and you are wondering what to do next or where to get advice, you have come to the right web site. First of all check out the "Found a ferret?" page and then try checking the "Lost and found listings" page to see if the owner has already listed it. For any further help or assistance please use the "Contact" page to get the best help and assistance available.

Maybe you have a ferret, but need some help or advice

The Ferret Help web site has been created by a network of ferret friendly people to assist you in your search for answers about all things ferret related. If the answer is not in our "Frequently asked questions", then please contact us and we will endeavour to assist you.

Perhaps a loved one has been taken into hospital. Are you looking for someone to foster your ferrets on a temporary basis?

Through our network of ferret rescue centres and ferret knowledgeable owners, we will be able to find someone who can provide that help and support. Should the worst case scenario arise and you are not able to take the ferrets back, we can arrange to have them re-homed.

Should you find yourself in need of advice or assistance with an abandoned, lost or unwanted ferret, then please contact us

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